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Proudly Manufactured by us
right here in Melbourne.

Our Soil Mate program Supercharges your soil. Packed with all natural, ready-to-use nutrients to infuse your soil with vibrant life and energy for healthier, happier, and more robust plants.

We understand Aussie soil.

your soil is a living organism. It’s a self-sustaining ecosystem.

Synthetic fertiliser strips soil of the biology it needs for high yields and healthy plant growth.

We’ve developed our range of all natural fertiliser to put those nutrients back into your soil.

Our biofertilisers unlock all the good stuff that's already in the ground.

Powered by live microbes, Our Soil Mate Program will populate your soil with everything it needs to come alive again.

This improved soil biology will naturally unlock the previously stripped minerals and nutrients in the soil.

That means higher profit margins, larger yields and healthier soil for you.

We make it easy to understand.

We think microbiology is sexy, but we also think it’s overcomplicated for farmers.

Understanding what makes your soil tick is the future of sustainable and cost effective agriculture.

Our team will help you understand what’s going on under your feet, and most importantly, we’ll help you look after it.

Green Mate was created right here in Melbourne out of a necessity to move farmers to something more sustainable and cost effective than synthetic fertiliser.

We build relationships with our farmers first and we fully support you throughout your transition to regenerative farming.

Regenerate your soils, increase productivity and improve your profits.

We’re 100% Melbourne born and bred. All of our products are designed and manufactured right here in Melbourne.